Custom SQL Queries

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Custom SQL Queries

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The simplest way to search your EA model is to create a Model Search. EA will help you to select the right columns, and allows a wide range of searches to be created, without you needing to understand the internals of the EA database.

But EA Searches only let you return results which are lists of Elements, Packages, Attributes or Methods.

If your query is more complicated that this - if you want to query other EA database tables - and you understand the internals of the EA database, then Custom SQL Query reports give you additional flexibility.

Note: Custom SQL Queries currently only produce output in TABLES, not Inline-formatted.


To create a Custom SQL Query, and put the results in your eaDocX document:

Create your SQL query in EA, in the Model Search area, using the SQL option

Run the query in the EA Search, to check it returns the results you expect

Note that you can change the name which appears in the heading of each column using a SQL 'AS Heading_Name' in your query

Heading names must  not contain ' or " characters: use underscore _ to separate words in the heading names

Save the query in EA

Create your eaDocX Element Report, choosing the 'SQL Query' option

The size and format of the results table will be determined by the width of the results columns, but you may choose a Word Table Style with which to format your results.