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This menu has options for generating your document.


You can generate the whole document as normal, or generate it ready to be reviewed.

There are also options to generate the document in draft mode, or generate as HTML.

See Generation Options for more details.





See Also

Generate | Normal

Starts the eaDocX generator, using the latest content from your EA repository, and the latest profile options. All cross-references and hyperlinks will be added


Generate | Interactive

Generates your document as for Generate | Normal, with all EA content tagged to support model update following document feedback using the Revision Manager

Interactive Documents

Generate | Draft | All sections

Does a Quick Generate on all sections, with no cross references or hyperlinks resolved.

Generation Options

Generate | Draft | Choose Section

Allows you to specify an individual section to Quick Generate


Generate | HTML | Generate

Generates your document as a single HTML file and saves it in your default file location


Generate | HTML | Default File location

Generates your document as a single HTML file Specify the default file location for your HTML document files