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Hints & tips

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Using Auto-templates makes life much easier for document creators, but it means a bit more thinking to do the initial setup.

Here are some hints to make that process quicker and easier.

1.Start creating the template using some data taken from the projects which will use the template. That way, your template will understand the model structure they have used

2.Try to make all the formatting decisions in the auto-template document, so that users can click & generate.

3.Remember to test each auto-template before our release it, using real model data, not your test data

4.To check the model structure, consider using something like Model Expert, which can examine a model package, and show you the model structure as a meta-model diagram

5.If you are using multi-section templates, they assume there is a strict naming convention for packages. Make sure you have a way to check this, or the auto-template will not work as you expect

6.Because each eaDocX section has a Word bookmark, and word bookmarks can't contain spaces, so your model packages can't contain spaces either, if you want to use multi-section templates.