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Inline Text settings

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These settings control how Inline elements are printed.

They allow you to control the three Word paragraph styles which are used for normal, bullet and numbered bullet text, as well as overriding the default Word heading styles ("Heading 1"..."Heading 9") with other Word paragraph styles of your own.




Bullet List Style

Word Style used for bullets in lists:

like this

and this

Normal inline text style

Word Style used for simple paragraphs of text, like this.

Numbered list text style

Word Style used for numbered bullets in lists: this

2.and this

Overrides to Word Headings

Heading 1 style....

...Heading 9 Style

By default, eaDocX will use the the Word Heading styles which are built-in to MS word: "Heading 1" etc.

Use these settings to override those settings, to, for example use 'My_Heading_1" instead of "Heading 1".




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