Making the most of Interactive Documents

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Making the most of Interactive Documents

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Here are some tip to get the most out of eaDocX Interactive Documents

Different documents for different people

With eaDocX Interactive Documents, you can create different documents for different people.

For example, you might send a summary of the requirements to senior managers, and just have a simple tables which list them. But for the main stakeholders, you might have another document showing more details of the requirements.

When the documents are reviewed, eaDocX Revision Manager can combine all the feedback from all the reviewers, even if they have reviewed different documents. Provided they are reviewing the same EA elements or diagrams, Revision Manager can show you a view which combines everyone's feedback, element by element.

Showing reviewers where you need feedback

You can use eaDocX Conditional Formatting to show readers where you would like their input. Using either regular conditional formatting rules, or the new 'always' rule, you can color those parts of the document where you would like input. As with all Conditional Formatting rules, these can be applied at the level of individual EA fields or tagged values. For example:

Where you see items like this, it mean we would like your input





The solution shall provide a method of configuring widgets

(please add you priority here - High/Medium/Low)


The solution shall provide gadget configurator

(please add you priority here - High/Medium/Low)



This makes it easier for readers to see where they need to concentrate

Adding Revisions to Interactive documents

Your Word Interactive Document contains lots of invisible markup information, which describe where information in the document is located in EA.

This is made 'invisible' to the reader, using the Word 'hidden text' feature, but it can sometimes be made visible if the reviewer does some kinds of edit.


We suggest the following advice for reviewers:

Revisions which eaDocX Revision Manager will usually detect correctly

Revisions which Revision Manager cannot process

Insert text - tables or inline

Add new row to table

delete text - tables or inline

Formatting changes

(where there are multiple edits by multiple reviewers to the same EA field, these may not be parsed correctly. )