Matrix General settings

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Matrix General settings

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The General page defines the key settings of a Matrix Report:




User a Relationship Matrix from your EA Model

Allows you to import a pre-defined EA Relationship Matrix from your model. This will define:

Source package & element type

Target package and element type

Relationship type and direction


If the EA Relationship Matrix has changed since the eaDocX Matrix Report was created, this will pull the latest definitions from EA

Report title

The text to be used for the heading of the report

Report Heading Level

Heading level. Default is 2, so the Report Title will print as a Word Heading2.

If you select zero has the heading level, then no title will be printed.

Report description

Additional text, printed directly under the report title

Table Layout

'Normal' prints a standard 2-d table, with the source elements down he left-had side, and the target elements along the top.

Compact puts both the Source and Target elements down the left-hand side, and is useful for table with a very large number of cells.

Use Word Table Style

If you want to have really complex formatting  (colors, shading, border etc) then design a Word Table style in Word, and choose it form the drop-down. Use the to fetch the latest word styles from Word.

Print Landscape

Tick this box to print just this table on a separate landscape page. See layouts