Source Elements

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Source Elements

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The Source Elements tab allows you to select which elements will be selected to be shown down the left-hand side of the table.


Mandatory options are in bold.





Allows you to select where the source elements are located in your model.

Always select a package as for DOWN the model tree as possible, as this improved performance when generating the document.

Include source children


Tells eaDocX to collect elements from the source package, AND all from child packages, down to the bottom of the model tree

Element type

Selects which type of element to include in the list

Element stereotype

Restricts the list of source elements to those with the specified stereotype

Source Columns

Choose from the list of available attributes. Each selection will become an additional column at the left-hand side of the table.

Show column titles

Prints the title of the source column in the table

Selected column titles

Allows you to determine the title which prints above each source column.

Order columns by attribute

Allows you to select an attribute of the source elements which will be used to sort them in A-Z order

Reverse sort

Where a 'Order by columns' is specified, changes the sort order to Z-A