Adding Tagged Values

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Adding Tagged Values

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This can be a tiresome process in EA. Either we have to add the TV to each Element in turn, or create a 'standard' Tagged Value for all new Elements of a particular type, using EA MDG Profiles.

And even this won't work for existing instances.

1. Using the worksheet from the previous example:

2. To add a new Tagged Value for all these elements, just type a new name for the TV in the F:2 cell: Ours was called 'MyRef'

3. You can now fill-in values for your new tagged value, and import it back into EA:

..and there is the value, added to EA's list of tagged values for this element.



1.all new Tagged Values will be treated as if they had a data type of String, even if you have a strongly typed tagged-value already defined with the same name in EA.

2.Not matter what you do with a tagged value column - delete it, move it etc, eaDocX will NEVER delete your EA Tagged Values. We think it's a bit too dangerous. Delete Tagged Values as normal, in EA.