Using eaXL

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Using eaXL

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Excel and EA are a powerful combination.

Here are some of the common tasks when using them:

Adding more fields to the export

oShowing tagged values in the worksheet

oAdding new tagged values

oAdding columns about element relationships

Controlling the element types in a spreadsheet

Adding new elements

Editing and adding class attributes and operations

Comparing the contents of your spreadsheet with what's already in EA - before you Import.

Adding different types of worksheet to an existing workbook, or open different kinds of worksheet as new workbooks

Working with relationships:

oEditing the relationships which are shown in a diagram

oAdding new relationships

oDeleting relationships

Saving Excel spreadsheets into EA

Creating spreadsheets using Templates

Some tips for using EA and Excel


Why is there no 'Delete Element' function in eaXL?


Because it's too easy to press the wrong button, and delete a huge amount from a model. We have created development versions of eaXL with this feature, but we made so many mistakes and deleted so many elements we didn't mean to, that we took it out.