Changing the order of document sections

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Changing the order of document sections

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TIP: Before making any changes of this type, save your document, either from the eaDocX menu or by generating the document (Normal or Draft). The regeneration automatically saves or prompts for a save name, and you may lose previous versions.

The recommended approach to re-order the sections of your document is to delete the section you want to move, by choosing the Section name (with Green brackets) in the Preview pane, then right-click to select Delete | Section from document.

Then re-insert the section as a new section in the usual way.  

Whatever formatting you specified for that package previously will still exist for your newly inserted section as long as the document was saved before you removed the section.  If you didn't save your document and, therefore, the section formatting before deleting it, you must repeat all the formatting changes you have made.

An alternative (but riskier) approach is to cut and paste the complete section within the Word document from it's old to the new location.  If you do this, you must make sure that the Cut content includes the Start and End pink bookmarks which define that Section, and make sure that the new location where it is pasted is outside any other section bookmarks.

The preview pane will reflect this change if you refresh it, or when you regenerate the document, updating with the new locations of your sections. The Table of Contents will be updated too.


NOTE: eaDocX will allow you to paste your moved section into the middle of an existing eaDocX section and won't display an error message.  Then the section you have cut and pasted will disappear when the document regenerates. It is treated by eaDocX as just a manual amendment to the existing EA Section text, and so is overwritten by eaDocX in the regeneration. Therefore, take great caution when doing this.