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Welcome to eaDocX V5, the smart document generation & collaboration tool for Enterprise Architect and Microsoft Office.

This is the help for eaDocX Professional, Corporate and Collaboration Editions, Version 5.0

·    For an overview of eaDocX, see the Overview.

·    To produce your first document, Try a Quick Document or see Getting Started.

·    Also see System Requirements

Latest Changes





26th October 2020

New Collaboration Edition, to allow for interactive documents.

All previous web-based Collaboration edition function has been removed.

12th January 2021

Fixes to the trace, so it now works with the background generation of documents.

8th February 2021

Fixes to Model Views, and to generation of complex auto-templates


What's new in eaDocX 5.0

Interactive documents

New-look user interface, to simplify finding things

Offline generation, so you can cancel a 'generate' if it's all going wrong

Better support for non-UK/USA language options.  




see release for older versions