Create an eaDocX document using a Model View

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Create an eaDocX document using a Model View

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If you already have some Model Views, or you're created some specially for the purpose, you can create documents direct from those Model Views.

1.Open an eaDocX document, either a new one, or an existing one

2.Put your cursor in the Word document, where you want to the Model View section to appear

3.Select Insert | Section from Model view from the eaDocX menu

4.Choose the Favorites Folder  from the list of Views Folders ,  or 'All' to include all the Favorites folders in the Model View.

5.See what your document will look like in the preview.
For example, if your Model Views look like this:

..and you choose to add just the 'Useful Stuff' Favorites folder, then the document preview will look like this:

You can see how the different Packages, diagrams and elements will be printed, just as you can for other kinds of eaDocX section.


You cannot use EA Model View 'Search' folders as part of an eaDocX Model View section. If you want to include searches in eaDocX document, then use and Element Report.