Diagram Settings

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Diagram Settings

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These settings allow you to control how EA diagrams will be printed.

Diagram Numbering

This is by default switched-on, and will print a caption under each diagram like:

<FigureText> <diagram number> <diagram title>

<Diagram description>

The Diagram Title and Diagram Description are taken from the diagram name & diagram notes in EA.

The 'Figure Text' defaults to the word 'Figure', but this can be changed in the Application Settings to be a word which makes sense in you national language.

The 'diagram number' is by default a single digit. You may choose to make this a two-digit number, such as 4.2, where the '4' is the chapter number. See Word help on 'Captions'.


Diagram Settings

Here you can control additional characteristics of how your diagrams print.:

Landscape or Portrait orientation

Maximum diagram sizes

Adding frames and additional spaces around the diagrams

Use the Diagram name as a Heading

Printing Diagram Notes

Word Styles

You can control the appearance of the text under diagrams using Word styles.

The styles available are:

Style Setting

Diagram picture

This is style used for the diagram picture. Use this to control whether the picture is left or right justified, or centered. Other settings for this style have no effect

Diagram title

Style for the 'Figure 1: my diagram name' text

Diagram text, bullet and numbered bullet

Used to format any diagram notes

Diagram Filters

Diagram Filters apply settings to whole groups of diagrams, either to exclude them or to change they way they print. See Diagram Filters