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Application Settings

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These are settings which will be used regardless of the repository you are using, and of the document you are printing.

They are options which you probably want to change once, as you first start to use eaDocX, but hen probably won't change again. They are saved in the application settings XML file.

See also the Application settings for

Document Management Application settings (eaDocX Corporate Edition)

Application Setting


Default Strings

Where eaDocX fails to find a sring to print in your document, either because there is no relationship present, or there is no tagged value of the type you want, there is an option to change what eaDocX will print.

This is because sometime the absence of some data may be very significant, and just printing a blank string may not be helpful. See Default Text Strings

Default Word Style

Default Word style name

Different national languages use a different Word paragraph style for their default. The US/UK English is 'Normal', but you can change that default here to an appropriate value.

Diagram Settings

Default text for figure

When printing figure names, eaDocX uses the word 'Figure' by default. Change this to a string which is more suitable for your organization or national language.

HTML Generator

Default Path

Default location on your PC where HTML document can be saved. May be overridden by document-level option

Use default path

Where a document has no specific path defined, use the default defined above.

Repository Checking

Strict Repository name checking

When you open a new document, checks that the GUID of the repository matches the one used to create the document.

eaDocX will always check that the GUIDs of EA Elements, Diagrams and Packages are correct, but you may also check that the Repository in which those elements are saved also matches the one from which the document originally came. see Loading Repository Rule



Cross reference text

Text to be used when printing scenario summary. Default is (scenario Step) 'see' (Alternate or exception). Add words(s) to be used instead of 'see'. Use this to replace 'see' with alternative text.

Table Settings

Default text for Table

Text to be used when printing table numbers. Default is 'Table'. Change to value which is appropriate for your national language.


Control whether the technical trace is enabled, and at what level of detail.

Trace enabled

Set this to True to see what eaDocX is doing when you generate a document. You may be asked to enable this by eaDocX Support, in order to diagnose issues.

Trace Level

All, Critical or Application. Set to 'All', all information, application and critical messages will be shown in the trace. This may be too much detail, so choose 'Critical' for only the most serious errors, or 'Application' for more detail.

Use Case Scenario Types


Change the words 'Alternate' and 'Exception' when printing strcutured use cases


Word Templates

Folder where eaDocX will look for your own Word Document Templates.