Document Management Application Settings

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Document Management Application Settings

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There are some settings which we think you may want to change just once for all the repositories you use.

The Application Settings which apply to Document Management are:


Document Management Default Settings

Name of approver role

When eaDocX Document Management looks, for example, for the reviewer of a document, it needs to look for a person who is linked to the document with role called 'reviewer'. But 'reviewer' may not be appropriate in your national language, or in your local standards, so you may change these default role names here.

'Approvers' are responsible for approving a document

'Authors' create documents

'Owners' own the document

'Reviewers' review documents. They may also approve them

Name of author role

Name of owner role

Name of reviewer role

Personal Folder

Browse to define where eaDocX will save generated documents, and where temporary copies of internally-stored documents will be put whilst in use.


DM Approval Terms

Term used to describe "Approved"

eaDocX Document Management (DM) uses a default set of English terms to describe when a document has been approved, not approved or partially approved.

Change these words to ones which are more appropriate to your organization or national language.

Term used to describe "Not Approved"

Term used to describe "Partially Approved"