Document Management Repository Settings

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Document Management Repository Settings

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These are the settings which apply to a single repository, and control how eaDocX will create and mange documents which are generated from that repository:





1 - Enable eaDocX DM

Tells eaDocX whether new documents should be given versions and roles, and managed by eaDocX DM

Default - false.

True - all new documents will prompt users to create DM information - a document abstract, version etc when they create a new document.

2 - EA Package for DM document data

Location in your EA model where DM data will be saved

Default - none.

If this is not set, then eaDocX DM can't work. eaDocX won't know where to write stuff into your EA model, and we don't want to guess!

You need to specify a location in your model where you're happy for eaDocX to create new elements.

3 - File location to store new DM Managed documents

Location in your file system where eaDocX can save new Word documents.

Default - eaDocX will use your MyDocuments folder.

4 - EA Package for DM People

Location in your EA model where you will keep details of the people who can be reviewers, authors, owners or approvers of your documents

5 - Save documents Internally

Lets you save your eaDocX DM document inside your EA model.

default= false, that is, store Word documents as files on your file system, as normal.