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Document status

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eaDocX lets you use two different status' for a document:

a simple status string which is attached separately to each version

an Approval Status based on who has approved the document.

Simple Status String

Each Version of a document can have a simple status value, which is a string which you can add to the version. Each time you re-generate the document, you can change its status. This is designed to be as flexible as possible, so you might use status values of 'Draft' and 'Final', or 'Ready','Work-in-progress' and 'new'.

Printing the Status String

The Status String can be printed in  document by adding the 'Version Status', by selecting eaDocX | Insert | Document Properties | Version Status.

Approval Status

This has a more exact meaning.

Each document may have a number of people who are made 'Approvers' of that document. That is, they have been linked to the document with the specific rule type of 'Approver' (or the equivalent in your national language).

Each individual can then show they have approved the document, by using using the 'Approve this document' button on the Document Details page. The Approval status will be shown like:


Default Text*




None of the approvers have approved this document


Partially Approved

Some, but not all of he approvers have approved this document



All of the approvers have approved this document

*-the names of these status values can be changed in the Application Settings | General | Document Management default Settings | Name of Approver/author/owner/reviewer role

Adding the Approval Status to your document

As with the Status string, just insert the document property Approval Status.

Un-setting an Approval Status.

Once someone has Approved a document, then generally that approval can't be changed. However, there may be cases where you Approve someone accidentally, and need to delete them. We deliberately don't make this simple, so that you think hard before un-approving something.

If you really do want to do this, then just drop the document version and the approver onto an EA diagram, and delete the <<hasApproved>> connector which links them