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Printing the Author of a document is a common requirement, and eaDocX has two ways you can do this:

Use the Version Author string

Use the document role 'Author'

(note: earlier versions of eaDocX had an 'Author' Document setting, but this has been deprecated)

Version Author

This is a simple text field which can be set for each Document Version, and which is saved in  a Tagged Value in your EA model, called dgVersionAuthor.

You can change the author for each version of a document, or keep it the same for all versions.

Author Document Role

For any document you can assign roles to individual people.

By default, these roles are called:





You can change the name of these roles, to something which is more appropriate for your national language or local standards, in the Document Management Application settings.

The name(s) of the people who are linked to the document using the 'Author' role (or your local equivalent) can also be used to print as the 'Author' in your document.

Note that using this approach, the role(s) are the same for all versions of a document.