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Document General Settings

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General Settings

Compact Document

Selecting Compact Document = true will hide empty sections from your document. See Compact Document

Document Author

Any eaDocX document can have an author associated with it, saved in the profile as a simple string.

Hide Section Marks

The Section bookmarks are a useful guide when building your document. See Adding eaDocX Sections to your Word Document. Hide these bookmarks when publishing.

Use EA Attribute colors

EA lets you associate colors to attributes (usually 'status'). See Using EA Colors

Document Management settings

Enable Document Management

eaDocX can manage the versioning of your documents, each time they are generated. See Document Management

Column Presets


These are used to make columns in different tables print as the same width.

When choosing the width of a table column, simply select the icon, to get a drop-down list of these pre-set values.

If you later decide to change a preset value, then all the tables which use that preset will change their column widths to use the new value.

We provide some initial values for these presets, which you can change to suit your documents.