Editing diagram connectors

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Editing diagram connectors

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eaXL lets you edit the connectors in a diagram. To export the connectors in a diagram, select the diagram in the EA Project browser, and choose Extensions / eaXL / Open diagram in Excel / Open diagram connectors.

You can now:

1.Edit existing connectors. Choose which fields to edit from the Available Fields, and re-export,  edit in Excel and Import back into EA

2.Add new tagged values. To create a new tagged value on  connector, give the TV a name in an empty row 2, then fill-in values for the TV in rows below:

3.Add new Connectors. In Excel, add the source- and target element name, and the connector type. You will probably also want to add the connector direction, and optionally the name and stereotype of any new connectors.
Then Import back into EA.
Note: you can choose the name of any element which appears in the diagram as the source- and target element names, but beware of diagrams where there are multiple elements with the same name (but different types)

4.Delete connectors. Export the connectors, then type 'Delete' in the Connector Type column, and choose Import.
Note: this will delete the connectors from EA, not just from this diagram.
Serious note: this action cannot be un-done!