Excel Templates

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Excel Templates

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If you need to create a family of Excel spreadsheets using similar data, and formatted in the same way, then Excel Templates are the answer.

When you use an Excel Template, eaDocX/Excel will let you choose which package you want to use, which template to use to format that data, and automatically create a new Workbook with your new content.



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Design your template

See Designing your template


Select a package in the EA project browser, and choose Specialize / eaXL / Open using template...


Choose the Excel spreadsheet to use as the template

eaXL will now:


Take a copy of the template spreadsheet, give it a new name, and save the copy in the same place as a template


Open the copy, and export into it the data from the package you chose at (2)


Excel will then re-calculate all the formulas and charts you created in the report page(s) of the template


You may then save the new eaXL Workbook in EA, just like a normal

Note that this is a COPY of the template. If you change the template, the copies are not changed, but you can quickly re-create them