Excluding diagrams

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Excluding diagrams

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Sometimes, you'll have diagrams which you don't want to appear in a document. Maybe its too complicated, or just not appropriate for the readers of your document.

eaDocX lets you exclude a diagram from your document.

To do this, right click on the Diagram icon in the eaDocX Preview page and choose Diagram Options | Exclude diagram - whole document.

You can also choose Diagram Options | Exclude diagram - this section where the diagram may otherwise print multiple times in the same document.

If the diagram icon is grayed-out, then the diagram  is already configured not to print.

This might be because:

The parent of the diagram - a Package or an Element - is not configured to print its diagrams. If you do want the diagram, just add 'Diagrams' to the list of attributes which the Package or Element will print

The diagram itself has been configured in EA not to print. This is in the EA Diagram Properties as 'Exclude image from RTF documents'. You should use this setting only for diagrams which you NEVER want to print in ANY document for ANYONE.