Feature logging

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Feature logging

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(this part of eaDocX is active in this version, but is NOT communicating with our servers.

That will come in a future version, where you will be asked to opt-in to this feature)

In V4 of eaDocX and eaXL we have introduced the idea of feature logging.

This makes of note of which eaDocX functions you use: just a simple count of which features are used, and how any times.

We are doing this to get a getter idea of which bits of eaDocX and eaXL are used, so we can test the most popular bits more, and maybe not enhance the bits which don't get used.

Sending this data to eateamworks.com is entirely optional, but remember that we're doing to make eaDocX better for you.

How we use the data

Once the data arrives at our servers, it is combined with data from all other users for that month, and your original data is deleted, so that no data can be traced back to an individual user.

We can then look across each month, to see how many times each feature gets used, and put this into our planing for future development and testing.

Viewing your usage data

If you want to see your current usage log, choose eaDocX (or eaXL)  / Help / Feature log.

Here you can opt in/out of sending the data to eateamworks.com, or delete your current log.