Formatting diagrams

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Formatting diagrams

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Diagrams are one of the most important aspects of EA, and eaDocX lets you put diagrams into your documents in lots of ways.

(include / exclude diagrams - link)

(diagram + contents = link)



Control whether diagrams  have a frame around them using the document setting 'show diagram frame'.

Position on page

- You can control how diagrams are justified on the page (left, center, right) using a settings in (document, diagram settings, Word style for diagram picture).

To create a style, find some text in your Word document, choose the 'left justify', 'center' or 'right justify command (pictures), then save this as a style.

In eaDocX, in (document, diagram settings, Word style for diagram picture) select your new diagram style. (may need to 'refresh' the styles lists)

Figure number

(settings in document / diagram / Diagram numbering)

Diagram name as title

You can chose to create a title heading using the name of the diagram, This is useful if you are printing diagrams with 'diagram+contents' or 'contents' ((link) , eaDocX will create a heading, (optionally the diagram notes),  then the diagram, then the contents, using only information form the diagram. (example)


If you tag a diagram in EA as 'landscape', and set the document setting 'Auto-print landscape', the each landscape diagram will appear on a landscape page.

Other diagram style settings

You can also control the styles of notes text, titles and bullets by using styles in the document settings.

There is also a setting to say whether diagrams should have a space after them.