Known Issues and Restrictions

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Known Issues and Restrictions

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We have tried to copy across all aspects of your Word document into HTML, but MS Word is much more sophisticated than a Browser, so not everything will look exactly the same.

These are the known restrictions as of the current version 3.5:

Issue / Restriction



Not all Word paragraph style options are used by HTML

Word style properties we use are:

Colour (see below)

Font, including size


Alignment - left/right/center


top & bottom margin

Text indent

All other aspects of the Word paragraph style are ignored

Simplify the Word Paragraph settings in Word to only use these aspects of the paragraph.

Text colours

Fixing text colors is a proving a challenge, as Word saves its text colors in a private format.

If you use unusual colors, be prepared to make some changes to them so that they render in HTML correctly. Some work fine, others randomly different. We're still working on this one!

Images inside Inline tables

Not possible to put an EA image (in a DocumentInformation section) into a vertical or horizontal inline table.


Glossary will not print

Both of these rely on Word capabilities to be created.

We hope to implement these useful functions in a future release of eaDocX.


Cross-reference Element Reports will not print


Word Table Styles are ignored

Not supported in this release


Table numbering

Not supported in this release


Section-based figure numbering

Figure numbering based on the Word heading value is not supported

Only use simple, numeric figure numbers.

Complex heading numbering

Heading numbering of the style 1, 1.2, etc is supported. More elaborate ones such as 1.A.(i) are not