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HTML Generator

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In eaDocX 3.5, we are introducing a new way to save your documents: as a single HTML file.

This is MUCH simpler than the native EA HTML generator, which creates lots of files and folders, which makes it hard to move around and save.

And the really good bit?

All the settings from your Word document get saved as well.

No more messing around with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make your document look good: all these settings are copied direct from your Word document.

How it works

We've tried to keep the HTML Generator as simple as possible from your point of view. To create an HTML document with eaDocX, you need to:

1.Create your document in Word, as normal. Use all the Word features like paragraph and table styles, diagrams and cross-references, element and matrix reports etc

2.From the eaDocX 'File' menu, choose 'Save as HTML'

That's it!

Word = HTML ?

We've worked really hard to make sure that the HTML document is the same as the Word document, but there are some differences you will notice right away:

1.The HTML document isn't really a save of the Word document: it's a re-generate, so take care no changes have happened since you created the Word document

2.Because it's a new generate, any non-eaDocX content in your Word document won't be copied across. So, to be an accurate copy of your Word document, that Word document must also be 100% generated. Hence we have added new features to allow, for example, for style overrides. These can be used, for example, to make Document Information sections more useful as title pages.

3.Document Information sections can now also contain logos or images, which will be shown in the HTML document. These might be, for example, your company, product or project logo. You might get these at the moment from your company Word template, or by pasting them irectly into your Word document. If you let eaDocX add the images, then they will appear in the HTML version.

4.See the known restrictions for other aspects of the Word document which we haven't yet duplicated.

HTML Generator and eaDocX Document Versioning - Read this if you plan to use the HTML Generator with DM

When you use eaDocX Document Versioning (DM), eaDocX will generate a new Word document of the format <document name> A.B.C.D .docx.

Each time you change the values of A, B or C (but not D) then eaDocX will create a new Word document.

When you generate an HTML document, you will NOT get asked for versioning information. eaDocX will use the version information from the original file.

To create a new HTML file, with a new file version, you will need to re-generate the Word document first, then 'save as HTML'. Otherwise, the Word and HTML versions of the document will get out of synch.

Note that when you 'save as HTML', the document is re-generated from EA, so you need to make sure that no changes have taken place in EA between the generation of the Word and HTML document, or there may be differences between the two documents.

What you get

What eaDocX will create is:

A single HTML File which is your document

A .CSS file which has all the word styles, which are used by your HTML document

Some images which are used in yor document, in the same folder as the HTML.

You can also change the default location where your HTML files are stored using 'Options and Settings' - HTML Settings.