Known issues with this release

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Known issues with this release

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If this list doesn't have the error you're seeing or issue you're having, or you've tried our workaround and are still having a problem, please contact us so we can help!

1 - Opening a Word document that's already opened in Word.

This causes problems for eaDocX. It can't find out if the document is already opened without trying to open it, by which time it's too late.

When this happens:

1.   Close the Word document in Word

2.   Close any instances of winword.exe using the Task Manager

3.   eaDocX will show a very serious-looking error message. It's not that serious really.

4.   Re-open the document again in Word, to make sure Word is happy with it Documents don't get corrupted when this happens, but Word sometimes thinks they have. Word may say that the document had a 'serious error' last time it was opened - it's not really that bad.

5.   Close the document, and re-open it in eaDocX.

2 - Document was Generated but could not be Saved

This is an error with the communication between eaDocX and Word and is exactly what it says. eaDocX has all your generated content and all the formatting instructions you've given it, but Word isn't there to recieve it, and we're not sure why. This is an ongoing bug that we're working on fixing.

In the meantime, simply run the generation again and it should work.

3 - Compatibility failure

Some users may use Word to generate document types that aren't .doc or .docx, such as ODT or RTF. eaDocX can't read any other formats than the Word Native, so when you're saving your eaDocX files, be sure to save them as a .doc or .docx file. Other formats cannot be edited by eaDocX, so they cannot be updated by the generator if your model changes and you want to re-generate your documentation. If you need alternative formats, keep your 'live' version in a Word format and save version copies in other formats for distribution.

If you're getting a lot of compatibility warnings, check whether Word's Default File type is the correct type. eaDocX will use the Word Default to save new generated documents, such as with Quick Document, so may have unexpected results if it tries to save as ODT.