Managing Documents - Hints and Tips

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Managing Documents - Hints and Tips

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When you use eaDocX Document Management (DM) there are a few things you can do to make the task even easier.

Moving Word documents

eaDocX stores the location of your DM-managed Word documents in your EA model. You can see this for each of the <<documentVersion>>Artifacts, which represent each version. If you move or rename your Word document, then eaDocX won't know where to find it. You can easily fix this by either :

Open the Document Details, on the 'Versions' page, select the version which has moved. This will be shown on the page:

Click 'Find' to re-locate your file, and the version will be updated

OR (not recommended)

Open the EA Element which represents the version, and change the 'Files' property. The Notes field must still contain the text "eaDocX Document Versioning File".