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Matrix Report cell contents

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The EA Relationship Matrix restricts what is printed in each cell which matches your criteria to just the arrow symbol, which shows the direction of the relationship between each source & target element pair.

eaDocX allows you to print other information about the relationship:






Relationship name


Relationship alias


Relationship stereotype


Prints a P  character where there is a valid relationship


Prints a S character where there is a valid relationship

(Tagged Values)

See below

Using Relationship Matrix Overlays

EA10 and above allow you to create an 'Overlay' for a Relationship Matrix. These can be used to populate cells in an eaDocX Matrix Report.

The EA Overlay data is saved as Tagged Values of the Connector, where the tagged value name is the name of the overlay.

So, if I create an overlay called 'RAGStatus', with values of R, A or G, then each connector where the overlay applies will have a Tagged Value of 'RAGStatus' with a value of R, A or G.

The list of options for cell contents may also contain a value like: "TV: RAGStatus". Selecting this for the cell contents will add the value of the RAGStatus tagged value.

The tagged value may be as a result of applying an EA Overlay, or manually added.