Options: Tracing

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Options: Tracing

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Sometimes it's useful for you to see what happening inside eaDocX. This might be because you're not getting the results you expect, or there's a problem with eaDocX and [email protected] has asked you to switch on logging.

Switching-on logging just prints messages from eaDocX onto a page, and you can copy to an email and send to eaDocX Support.

The initial Logging page looks like:


You can choose how much detail you want to see be selecting either:

Critical only - this shown only the most important messages, those which may seriously affect your document

Application - All Critical messages, plus lower-level messages which may help you understand why your document looks the way it does

All - Critical & Application messages, plus all other eaDocX messages. This may produce a lot of data!

Example of a trace:

You may also Copy text to Clipboard, if you want to mail a trace to eaDocX support.