Special EA Element Types

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Special EA Element Types

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Most EA elements have the same set of attributes which eaDocX can print, as described in Standard Elements Types.

But there are some EA element types which have additional data which eaDocX can print.


Instances of Classes - Objects in EA - have some additional information which you can print: Run State Variables. These are the values which you can specify for any instance of a class.

You can print Run State information in one of 3 ways:

1 - the Run State name of an Object: this is available from the list of Standard Attributes which you can print for any Object. This prints the value which you can set in EA by selecting the Object, right-click, Advanced | Set Object State. Its a simple string.

2 - you can also print a summary of the Run State Variables (accessed in EA by right-click, Feature and Properties, Set Run State. Here you can give values to attributes of the instance. eaDocX lets you print this as a Standard Attribute, but in the second part of the list which are the 'Summary attributes'. This will print the Variable (attribute name), operator and Value, as a comma-delimited list. This will work for Tables and Inline printing of Objects

3 - Finally, if you print Objects in Inline style, then there is an additional items in the 'sub-elements' tab which print a table of the Run State variables. This will automatically create a Profile for 'Run State Variable', where you can then print any of the Run State Variable attributes.