Project Glossary

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Project Glossary

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Adding a Glossary to a document can be a time-consuming process. Often, we don't bother to look at all the terms used in the document, but just copy & paste a glossary built elsewhere, and hope that the terms in our document are all present there.

EA and eaDocX allows for a much smarter, easier and more accurate approach to creating a glossary, so that:

  It contains ONLY those terms which are used in the document

  Has definitions which are taken from EA, so the definitions can be shared across many documents

  Refreshes the contents of the glossary each time the document is re-generated.


To add a glossary to your document, place your cursor in your document at the correct place, then in the eaDocX Main Menu choose Insert | Project Glossary from the Insert menu.

eaDocX will use a default table format for the Glossary Terms.  To change this formatting, select the Element type "Term" in your Profile and use standard eaDocX table formatting options.

To see the attributes which can be printed in a Glossary, see the Reference section.

Note: To add terms to your EA Glossary; in the EA Project Information pane choose View | More Project Tools | Project Information from the main EA menu.