Adding DM Information to your document

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Adding DM Information to your document

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The eaDocX DM function allows you to show version and other document information in your generated Word document.

This means that all the version, role and related document information you have created will always to be completely up-to-date, and you don't need to change anything when you generate a new document version:

DM information is copied into Word document properties, which makes the data available to be added to Header, Footers and title pages. See Adding DM information to the rest of your document

Document History information shows how your document has been changing over time, using a simple table or other formatting, just like any eaDocX section. See Adding Document History

Document Roles lets you list who is involved with the ownership, creation and review of the your document. See Adding Document Roles

You may already be using Document Information sections for your documents, which show some basic document data. With eaDocX DM, you can now put a much larger variety of data into these sections . See Adding Document Information

Finally, if your document has related documents, you can maintain a simple list of these documents in EA, and add them to a simple document list. See Adding Related Documents