Adding DM Document Information

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Adding DM Document Information

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Any eaDocX document can include lots of information about the document: when it was generated, the file name etc. See Document Information.

With eaDocX Document Management (DM) you can add even more information to Document Information sections. Just add new attributes to the Document Information Profile, and print as normal.

The extra attributes which are available are:



DM Document title

DM Document abstract

DM Version comments

DM Document Version A.B.C.D

DM Document Version A.B.C

DM Document Version A

DM Document Version B

DM Document Version C

DM Document Version D

Build number

DM Document owner

Name(s) of the <<eaDocX>>Actors who are connected to the document in the 'Owner' role

DM Document approver

'Approver' role name(s) of <<eaDocX>>Actors

DM Document author

'Author' roles name(s) of <<eaDocX>>Actors

DM Version status

All these attributes can be printed Inline or in a table, or as inline horizontal or vertical tables, by editing the Document Information Profile.