Editing Classes

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Editing Classes

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There is some additional function on eaXL for editing Classes.

For all these examples, the following data is used:

Basic Editing - Packages of Classes

To edit detail of the classes themselves (as opposed to their Attributes or Operations), just right-click on the Package, and choose Extensions | eaDocX | Open in Excel:

You can then add additional attributes as new columns.

You can then save the results back into EA.

Editing the Attributes/Operations of a Single Class

Right-click on a class in the Package Browser, the choose Extensions | eaDocX | Open in Excel. You will see additional options: If the class has some Attributes, you can choose Attributes, similarly with Operations, or Element to edit the Class itself.

Clicking on Class1 above , then Attributes produces:

Again, you can add additional columns, Add new rows to create new Attributes, and save the result back into EA.


Editing the Attributes/Operations of Several Classes

Of you select a Package which contains many classes, choosing Extensions | eaDocX provides an additional option:

Open ALL in Excel | ALL Attributes


Open ALL in Excel | All Operations

These options allow you edit all the Attributes/Operations of ALL the classes in the package.

For example, selecting Extensions | eaDocX | Open ALL in Excel | ALL Attributes on the 'Class Import Export' package above produces:

You can now edit all these attributes, and add new columns, but you cannot currently add any new attributes. To do this, edit just the individual Class, as above.