Comparing Excel and EA

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Comparing Excel and EA

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If you are importing important information from Excel in EA, and you are not sure what the data looks like currently in EA, then it's useful to do a quick compare of Excel vs EA.

Just choose the 'Compare' button in the Worksheet :

This will read the current model, and compare it to the contents of the worksheet.

eaDocX/XL will highlight any differences:

Highlight color


Field is checked and OK

When any cell in a row has a difference, the Element type or Connector type will show this color.

Helps you identify which rows have difference

Values of an EA field or tagged values are different

Changes which are not currently found by the 'compare':

Changes to the Element Type or Connector Type to an invalid value (such as trying to create an element of type 'Wibble' - which doesn't exist in EA)

Changes to Element instances

Changes to any project types, such as Terms, project risks etc