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File | Save

Saves the currently selected Word document


File | Save as

Saves the current Word document, with a new file name.

If you are using eaDocX Document Management, then this will create a new DM-managed element in your EA model, next time you re-generated the new document.


File | Save document profile

Saves the eaDocX Profile of the current document to an external file. This can then be loaded into another file using the 'Load document profile' option below.


Sharing eaDocX Profiles

File | Load document profile

Loads an eaDocX Profile from an external file.

Sharing eaDocX Profiles

File | Refresh preview Page

Refreshes the eaDocX Preview page with the latest content from your EA model. When you have a document open, and you are editing in EA, the Preview can get out of step with EA. When your document is generated, it ALWAYS uses the latest EA content, but the Profile is good way to get an idea of what the eaDocX parts of the document look like.

Preview page