Group Licenses

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Group Licenses

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Installation and management of eaDocX Group licenses is very simple.

An eaDocX Group License is a single key that can be used by many users.

No license key server is needed: users enter the key into their machine and start using eaDocX

eaDocX servers monitor the use of the software against each license key, So it is triggered whenever eaDocX functions are used, NOT whenever EA is opened.

The license is sized to match your expected use. It is based on the number of individuals using eaDocX over a year, NOT on the concurrent usage. If eaDocX is deployed into a virtual environment, then the size required is still based on the total number of users, even though the license key may only be physically located in one place.

If the size is exceeded, then the license will not stop working. But we will report back to you and then use that information as part of the data set to agree on what size of license is appropriate for the next year.

oNote that if the license usage is a lot more than was expected, then we may request an additional fee 'in year' to upgrade you to a more appropriate size of license. This may happen, for example, if we are regularly seeing double the number of users within a few months of the license start.

A Group license is valid for 12 months only, so Group license customers will receive a new license key each year, subject to renewal.

N.B. eaDocX "Organizational" licenses were an early version of the Group license.