Floating Licences

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Floating Licences

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From May 2018, Floating Licenses are no longer being sold, but will continue to be supported. Why?

A floating licence allows a fixed number of people to use eaDocX concurrently. Any number of people may have the eaDocX application installed.

Each time a user tries to use eaDocX, the application will check with a Licence Server Application (LSA) and try to get a licence.

For example, if you purchase a 6-user floating licence, when the 7th concurrent user tries to use eaDocX, they will get an error message from eaDocX, and they will not be able to use the application until one of the other users closes eaDocX.

Why use Floating Licences ?

Floating Licences are a good solution where you have a large number of users who will make occasional use of eaDocX.

Note that all users of eaDocX floating licences MUST have connectivity to the Licence Server Application whist they are using eaDocX. There is no mechanism to 'check-out' licences for a period of time, so if you users want to use eaDocX at home of off-site, you should consider buying some single-user licences as well as the floating ones.

The Licence Server

If you are using eaDocX Floating Licences, then you will need to install a Licence Server Application, which is provided for you by eaDocX, and which will run on a Windows machine in your network. This is why, when you enter a new eaDocX floating licence key, you are also asked for the address of the licence server:


The address you enter here, which should be given to you by your eaDocX Administrator, tells your local copy of eaDocX where to find the Licence Server Application. You will only have to enter this once, the first time you enter an eaDocX floating licence. After that, eaDocX will remember both the key, and the location of the server.

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