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To use eaDocX, you must have a valid license.


Professional Edition

Corporate Edition

Collaboration Edition

License type




Single User



No longer for sale


A 30-day trial version, which will de-activate 30 days from first use. This has all the function of all eaDocX Editions


Upgrading from the 30-day Trial version to the Full Version

The Trial and Full versions of eaDocX are two different programs - just like EA.

So, to install a full version of eaDocX, you must

1.un-install the eaDocX trial, the full version from the website

3.install the full version and enter your license key

You cannot use a full eaDocX license key with the trial installation. The trial version has a hard-coded key, which always expires 30 days after first use, and cannot be re-installed on the same computer