Import Document Profile

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Import Document Profile

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This page allows you to import a profile, which will change the way your document is generated.

The profile might have come from:

  The built-in profiles which are provided with eaDocX (see Sample Profiles)

  Saved from another document (see System Requirements).


Use the 'Browse' button to look for eaDocX Profiles. The built-in ones are in the same directory in which you originally installed eaDocX e.g. c:/Program Files/eaDocX

      Import Element formats

This imports the formatting options for the different EA element types & stereotype. Only un-check this if you are just going to use one of the Advanced options below.

Advanced Options

  Delete all existing

Totally replace all your existing formatting, and replace it with the imported profile.

  Import style settings

Import the mappings of generated text to Word document styles

  Import exclusions

Also import any exclusions which are present in the imported profile. This is useful when the saved profile contains exclusions which you also want to use in the current document

  Save copy of existing

Save the current profile, just in case you don't like the result of the import, you can then go back to the original.