Showing Relationship data

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Showing Relationship data

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Just like eaDocX, eaXL can also display information about the relationships between EA elements.

1. In an existing Package worksheet (see Getting Started), select a single type of element in the 'Available type' tree
Note: you can only see information about

2. The 'Related Elements' button is now available

3. Fill-in the details, as you would in eaDocX, with the relationship type and target element type. For example:

eaXl will help you to pick only relationship types and 'To Element' types which actually exist in your model.

3. Now re-export the data, to see the new column.


Note: whilst Excel will allow you to edit the contents of the 'Related People' column, eaXL won't save any of the changes. It's just too complicated. So for relationships, eaXL is a read only interface.

To change the data for these relationships, edit them in EA directly. It's simpler and more reliable.