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Repository Options

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A few settings need to be defined a repository level, such as 'where to put details of eaDocX Document Management'.

This data is stored in the t_xref table in EA, and should not interfere with other EA function.

These options are applied to ALL documents which are produced from this EA repository, and are designed to save you effort in defining these options for documents one-by-one.

Most of the options are concerned with Document Management:



Document Management Default Settings

1 - Enable eaDocX DM

If set to true, all new documents will use DM. If set to false, new document MAY use DM, but this will need to be set document-by-document

2 - EA Package for DM Document data

Location in your EA model where eaDocX will store DM Elements.

3 - File location....

Where in your PC file system eaDocX will save your DM-managed Word documents

4 - EA Package for DM People

Location in your EA model where eaDocX will store details of the people and their roles in your documents.

5 - Save documents internally

Choose whether to save your eaDocX documents in the EA repository.

Default - TRUE

HTML Generator Settings

1 - File location to store HTML files

Location in your file system where eaDocX will save generated HTML files.

Quick Documents

Use metamodel for Package

The Quick Documents feature needs a meta model in order to create a default document. It can either use the meta-model of your whole EA Repository, or just the meta-model of the package being documented. Default is 'use metamodel of Package' as this produces simpler Quick Documents.