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Quick Document

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Quick Document allows you to generate a new document with just a single click.

1. Select the EA package, element, diagram, RTF Model document or RTF Master document you want to print,

2. Choose Specialize | eaDocX | Quick Document.

This will generate a new document containing the package, element or diagram you selected.

How it Works

Doing a Quick Generate will :

1.Open a new Word document, using your default Word template (in UK English, this is Normal.dotx)

2.Add two sections to it - one with some document information, and another containing your package, element, diagram, RTF Model document or RTF Master document.

3.Auto-generate a profile for the document. By default, this will use the structure of only the Package you have selected, and not that of the whole model.

4.Generate the document.



You can then save the document, and start to make changes to it so that it looks the way you want.

For example:

Add more sections

Change the way that EA elements are formatted, either tables or inline.

Change the Word Style Settings which the document uses

Add information showing the relationships in your model, either as simple attributes, tables of attributes or more complex relationships.

Add a document Glossary, add document information, include Change Marking