Selecting Attributes and Operations

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Selecting Attributes and Operations

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Sometime, you need fine-grained control over exactly which attributes and operations are printed in your document.

EA already has a way to do this, by using Feature & Compartment Visibility, and eaDocX can use those settings when printing your document.

In you class diagram, right-click on the EA element, and choose Feature and Compartment Visibility. Then choose which attributes/operation to print, which can be any combination of public, private, protected or package, or a custom-set, where you tick just the ones you want.

Then, if you get eaDocX to 'Print Diagram and Contents' or just 'Print Contents, no diagram' (if the diagram isn't needed) then eaDocX will only print the attributes/operations which appear in the diagram.

You can even have the same class printed in many different ways, by creating several diagrams all of which have the same class, but where you choose different sets of attributes/operations.