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You can sort the elements and packages which eaDocX prints.

The default is for eaDocX to sort using the sort order in EA. Which leads to the most common question in the long history of eaDocX:

'why are my elements printing out in the wrong order?'

EA uses the 'TreePos' attribute to show the correct order of elements within a package.

The default value of this is zero. EA only has this a l value of TreePos if you have manually moved elements within their parent package. The default in EA is to have no 'TreePos' attribute, so elements just appear in the order which EA provides them and this is usually not the order in which they appear in the EA Project Browser.

The solution is really simple: just move one of the elements up or down using the 'up/down' arrows in EA, and suddenly ALL the elements in that package get an explicit 'TreePos' attribute, you have fixed the order.

Or, you can use some other attribute to sort elements - the attribute you choose is currently restricted to one of the attributes you are printing.