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The EA Top Menu

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When eaDocX is installed it will appear in the Specialize menu. (Older versions of EA: Add-Ins or Extensions menu)

Selecting eaDocX reveals the following menu:


New Word document

Select this to create a new eaDocX document.  You will be asked to select a Profile for the document.

Open Word document

This will open a search window to access your documents. You can open any Word document, but if the document does not have an eaDocX profile you will be prompted to define one.  In this way you can take pre-existing non-eaDocX documents and insert your EA model information in using eaDocX.

Recent documents

This auto-populates with the 5 most recent documents opened.

Document Management

This lets you manage your eaDocX documents using eaDocX and EA. See Document Management

Revision Manager

This opens the Revision Manager which allows you to collate review comments and revisions and apply changes into EA. See Interactive Documents

License Information

Shows your current license details, including the status of your license (if a trial version, the number of days remaining) or if you have a Full license.


Lets you configure eaDocX, using settings which can be applied to individual documents, any document from a Repository, or to your eaDocX application.


Opens the Help Contents file.

About eaDocX

This shows version and copyright information for your copy of eaDocX.