The eaDocX User Interface

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The eaDocX User Interface

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eaDocX runs as a standard Add-in/Extension within Enterprise Architect.

It sits inside the EA application, as just another page.  This means you can work in EA, and switch quickly into eaDocX to see what your output document will look like.  The red box shows the part of EA which is the eaDocX extension. For EA versions above 9.3., you can also un-dock the eaDocX window, and put it elsewhere on your desktop.


eaDocX contains a copy of MS Word.  So you can edit the non-eaDocX parts of your document whilst inside EA:


All the eaDocX functions can be found in the following 5 main areas:



Click on the headings below to see more detail.

1.   EA top menu

2.   EA project browser

3.   eaDocX Top menu

4.   eaDocX control panel

5.   Word document controls