The EA Project Browser

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The EA Project Browser

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The EA Project Browser will be the most familiar part of EA to most people.

You can use eaDocX functions from the project browser by:

(right Click) Specialize | eaDocX  | then...

Add to Document | (your document) | (your section) will add the currently selected package, element or diagram to a section which already exists in one of your documents.

Quick Document will create an instant document from the package, element or diagram you have selected. See Quick Documents

Document from Auto Template to generate a document using a previously defined template.

Settings lets you access the document, Repository and application settings

Import lets you import content from a Word document directly into EA

Help gets this help.


Tips for "Add to Document"

1.   If your document is not listed, make sure it has been opened within eaDocX and not in a separate Word window.

2.   Having chosen the document, all existing Sections will be listed (these are the same as those shown in the Preview window).

3.   If you wish to add the package contents into a new Section then you need first to insert a new Section - see eaDocX Top Menu | Insert.

4.   When you try to add your Package into an existing Section, if it has already been populated with Package contents you will see a Dialog box asking you to confirm overwrite of the previous data.