Installing on user machines

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Installing on user machines

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Unlike some other floating licence mechanisms, eaDocX has a single key which can be used for many users. We think this is much more convenient than having lots of separate keys, so you can, for example, make the key available via your Intranet, or just mail it to all your users.

Users install eaDocX in the same way as normal. eaDocX will ask them for a key as they start eaDocX for the first time, and for the IP address of the server on which the LSA is installed. If the LSA can't be found, the user won't be able to use eaDocX floating licences.

As user starts to use eaDocX, the application will try to contact the LSA to get a licence. The LSA will keep track of how many concurrent users are using eaDocX. Once the maximum number of users is reached, the next user to start eaDocX will get an message telling them there are no more licences available, until someone else stops using eaDocX. This means closing down all eaDocX windows within EA.